Our newest business spotlight is K100 Fuel Treatments. Begun in the 1960’s in Buffalo New York, K100 has grown into one of the most trusted fuel additive companies in the country. K100 is sold throughout the country at most Napa and Advance Auto stores as well as many small independents.

K00 has three products-K100 D+ for diesel engines, K100 G+ for gas engines and K100 MG+ for marine engines.

K100 products contain complex organic solvents that dissolve sludge, gums and varnish and prevent reformation of those deposits.

K100 also:

  • Cleans engines for easier starting
  • Cleans carburetors and fuel injectors
  • Dissolves deposits on injector tips
  • Stops fuel line blockage

The biggest advantage for using K100 in the winter is to keep a diesel engine from being effected by the cold weather. If your are unable to find K100 products locally they also sell their products directly to the consumer on Amazon and their own website:

For questions you can email them at: info@k-100.com or call them at: +1-716-745-1461

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