Ever since this whole Coronavirus thing has been around I have been experiencing something strange. No not a fever or coughing-rather I have been experiencing bad service. That’s right anywhere you go or anywhere you call it seems everyone is using the virus as an excuse for bad service. Even the U.S. Mail Service has been using it as an excuse why their deliveries are late. As if they ever could be considered quicky delivery! And when ever you call a customer service number, no matter if its a bank or a store, you almost always hear a recording as soon as you call saying about the same thing-“We are sorry but due to the virus we are experiencing longer then normal wait time”. Yea sure its the virus that caused that. What was your excuse for the long wait times the last 20 years? It just seems that everyone has an excuse for bad service, long wait times or out of stock items. I went to the local grocery store yesterday and they were out of Grandma Brown’s Baked Beans. When I asked the store manager when they would be getting them in her response was-“I’m not sure, they have been out of stock because of the virus”. Really? So let me get this straight-Grandma Brown is not able to grow, pick, can & ship beans because of the Coronavirus? That is one wicked strong virus! Let’s face facts-the Coronavirus has nothing to do with slow customer service or supply chain issues. These issues have always been there, the only difference is now we have an excuse for them instead of saying the truth-‘”I’m sorry sir but we are just incompetent and don’t have a well run business”. So the next time you hear that there is a long wait time because of the Coronavirus just think about this-only two more months until we can start blaming problems on the former President-that should last a good 4 years.

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