07/14/2017 to 07/15/2017 - ARTISTS’ GALLERY presents “Eclectic Illusions” Artists Coming Together Featuring Arne Hansen, Dale Schmitt, Mary Pikar, Richard Cardone Gallery Receptions: July 14, 2017 6 PM – 8 PM, Join us for the Bellevue Art Wine Crawl July 15, 2017 6 PM – 8 PM Bellevue, PA July 14, 2017 – Don’t miss our newest gallery show, “Eclectic Illusions”! This show is a collection of works from four different artists, who have come together to create a colorful exhibition. The featured artists for this exhibition are a photographer, painter, digital painter and a live performance artist. Arne Hansen, a regularly featured artist at Artists’ Gallery, is known for his beautiful black and white photography. In this show, he is exhibiting his work as a digital painter, where he has processed photographs to emulate paintings. His colorful images beautifully depict the faces of old Hollywood stars like they’ve never been seen before. Dale Schmitt believes in not just taking a picture but rather trying to capture a person’s soul in the same way that Yousuf Karsh was able to do with his work. He is a native of Pittsburgh and grew up on the Northside. He attended the Ivy School of Professional Art with a focus in Photography. His photo series include Beautiful People and The Moon and Other Cool Places. Mary Pikar’s paintings have always been inspired by her spiritual connection with nature and the universe. Her unique approach helps her create the images that reflect colorful abstracts and whimsical landscapes. She continues to use her imagination and creativity to explore new fields of textures and mediums. Richard Cardone, an expert hair artist, is well known for his techniques in hair styling and coloring. He has been an international artistic director for Clairol and an artistic educator for Matrix, travelling the world teaching hair stylists his coloring techniques. For “Eclectic Illusions,” Richard will be working with Ricki Baierl to create a fantasy hair piece that will incorporate spheres and lights on a live model, inspired by a chrome art piece seen in his North Hills Salon. Guests can enjoy the ambience that comes with an opening night reception on both Friday and Saturday evenings. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet and greet the artists, and discover their inspirations. The show will take place alongside the NSCoC Art & Wine Crawl on July 14, 6-8 PM, at the Artists’ Gallery located at 31 North Balph Ave, Bellevue, 15202.