After the recent terrorist attack in Orlando people have started talking about gun control again. Just as if we would not have terrorism if we did not have guns. I love hearing people say they don’t want to stop people from having guns to hunt they just want to keep them out of the hands of the bad guys. But what these left wing liberals don’t understand or will not admit is that our second Amendment is not in the Constitution to protect people’s right to kill a deer or rabbit. The second Amendment is in place to allow the people to rise up in arms against an unjust and unfair government. 1776 was so long ago we have forgotten what it is like to have a government over us that does what they want without regard to what the people want. An elected government body can destroy a person’s rights just as easily as a Monarch or a Dictator. We must have guns and have the guts to use them if our government ever gets out of control. It has been over 200 years since we had to use our guns to over throw a government. It may be another 200 years before we need to use our guns to over through our government again. But we need the right to have guns when that day does come. What happened in Orlando and what will probable keep happening was a terrible thing. But it would be even more terrible if we ever forget why we need our guns.