I love how the media has been talking about how Paul Ryan,Speaker of The House,said he can not yet support Donald Trump. What the main stream media and politicians don’t want to admit is that Donald Trump does not need Ryan but Paul Ryan needs Donald Trump. Ryan not supporting Trump just makes his argument of being an outsider even stronger. Without the support of Trump and his die hard followers Ryan will soon be out of office. Even Senator McCain has weakly come out in support of Trump and even admitted he is in the fight of his life because of Trump. The reason McCain and many others are in the fight of their lives is because millions of voters will not support you if you don’t support Trump. The people have spoken loudly-they want change! Anyone standing in the way of that change is about to get rolled over. The winds of change is brewing in our country. Not since 1776 has there been such a revolution. People talk about the race riots of the 1960’s but that was nothing compared to what we are about to see in this country. Sadly for the politicians in office today they suffer from what our founding fathers did in 1776. People don’t want to admit it but our country was set up by a group of elitist. Every one of our founding father,with no exceptions,were business men and many had old family money. They were not about to let their family fortunes rest on the votes of some stupid farmers in the country. Our political system was set up so the poor middle class had no real power or say in who ran our country. After over 200 years of this system the American people are revolting. The common man is about to take their country back,and people like Paul Ryan do not like it. Will Donald Trump become the next President of the United States? Yes he will. Will the Republicans lose control of Congress? Probable. Will the country and world be better in 4 years from now. Absolutely!!