Everyone is talking about a $15 an hour minimum. What no one wants to talk about is how it will destroy business around the country. Think about this-logically and not like a liberal-if someone is currently working at $12 or $13 an hour after moving their way up the pay scale with a company over a number of years are they really going to be alright with making the same as someone who is new with that company? Of course not! So the employee that has been with the company will ask the business for $20 to $30 an hour. So a company will have a decision to make. Do they give the employee that raise or let them go and have all new untrained employees. No matter the decision the company stands to lose money. In addition there are many over night jobs at retail outlets that will be eliminated as a result of a $15 an hour minimum. Businesses like Walmart use their over night shift to stock shelves and do maintenance when no customers are in the store. Those over night shifts don’t make very much direct money from the customers normally. Places like Walmart will just do away with their over night shift and have their day time employees do this work. Which means stores will become messier and more dangerous for shoppers. Think about it-again not like a liberal-when was the last time you saw a scissor lift in the middle of an isle at Walmart? The correct answer is NEVER. Well get ready because if the minimum wage is increased you will be walking around all kinds of store clutter that was always done on the night shift.