I just found a name for what I have been going through with this whole online dating thing-it’s called Ghosting. What that means is you talk to someone for a little while,everything seems to be going well and then they “Poof!” disappear,become a ghost. This has been happening to me for like ever now. I thought it was me until I read an article about it this morning. A college did a study on it and they found out that women ghost much more then men-almost 10 to 1 if you can believe that! To give you an example: I had been talking to a woman off one of the many dating sites I am on. She is 32ish,has a child,divorced,smoking hot and lives in Rochester NY which is about 2 hours from where I live. We talked texting and over the phone for about 5 days. Everything was great. We had the same interests,wanted the same things and was making plans to meet. And then “Poof!” she disappeared. She stopped texting,stopped returning text…just ghosted! I still saw her online on the dating site,still see her posting on her Facebook so obviously ISIS didn’t kidnap her. I texted her for a couple days and then finally sent a text saying “Well I guess you lost interest. I won’t keep bothering you” She never responded back. This is one story that has probable happened to me 75 times or more over the last couple years. And until I read the article this morning about Ghosting I thought it was me. Maybe I was doing something wrong. But now I am beginning to think it isn’t me. Maybe women are just flaky as hell. Maybe a majority of the women on these dating sites don’t actually want a guy. Maybe women just naturally play games. Oh well..the life of a single guy!