Now I go to Walmart a lot. Their prices are great and they usually have anything I want. I have saw some strange people at Walmart but yesterday really took the cake. I was pushing my cart through the frozen food section. There was this older guy-probable about 50ish- and a younger girl-probable about 25ish. They obviously were together. He had his arms around her waste and occasionally they would stop and kiss. Ok that’s fine. No big deal there. About 15 minutes later I was over on the other side of the store and saw this same guy with an older woman-probable in her 50s-and they were kissing and hugging also. Well I figured it was not the same guy. As I was checking out who comes behind me in line-this guy,the older lady and the younger girl. I heard the younger girl say “Hey mom can I go to “some names” house tonight?” The lady said “no your father needs the car.” So um what exactly was going on here? Was this guy their boyfriend? Was this guy the step father? Or worse real father? I of course never asked but will always wonder. Who were these people? And what do they live like? Does the mother know her daughter is having an affair with this guy? The life of a single guy.