Being a single guy you tend to get calls from people right out of the blue for no reason-but of course they always have a reason. What I mean is every now and then a girl I have not talked to in a while will text or call me right out of the blue. This is something a guy with a girlfriend doesn’t have to deal with. All the time you are texting the girl or talking on the phone you wonder why she has contacted after so long. And there always seems to be a reason-usually because she wants money. I got one of these calls last night. A girl that I have known for about ten years,and has not texted me in about 2 months just sent me a text. Now she moved from Upstate NY a couple years ago,but she still contacts me when she wants something. Usually dangling a carrot that she is sick of the losers she has been dating and wants to move back to NY and live with me. The last time she texted me she said she wanted this item that was for sale on Amazon for $200. I said sure I would buy it for her,to give me her address and I would go online and order it and have it sent to her. She never responded. She just wanted me to Western Union her the money so she could use it for God knows what. So anyway,she asked if she could call me and I said sure. We were talking on the phone…she was telling me about the new mini van she just bought and how she could drive out to see me now. She asked how much I thought I would need to send her for gas money. I told her to give me her address and I would check Mapquest in the morning and see how far it was. I of course have not checked and am just waiting for her to message me this morning asking when I am going to Western Union her money. The correct answer is I am not! As soon as I send her the money she will disappear for a few more months and only reappear when she needs something else. Maybe by the time she sends me a text in a couple months wanting something I will have a girlfriend and she can tell her to get lost. The life of a single guy!