Have you ever watched a horror movie where a couple is laying in bed-usually after having sex-the couple hears something and the guy gets up,goes out to investigate and gets killed? Sure you have-because it is in every horror movie. If the guy had not tried to be a hero and show off for his girl he would still be alive. Anyway,last night about 3am I wake up and hear something outside the front door scratching. I live out in the country so it could have been a raccoon or a coyote. I lay there wondering if I should get up and go check things out. Now if I had a girlfriend or wife laying next to me I would have had no option. I would have had to get up to show how brave and strong I was. I could have went out and found out it was indeed a raccoon or coyote or I could have ran into a serial killer and made the headlines this morning. But nope I lay there and waited. The noise stopped. Either the animal decided to go look for food some where else or the killer figured out a single guy lived at this house and moved down the street to find a house with a married couple. No matter being single might just have saved my life last night! So I would like to thank all of the shallow women out there that have blown me off,ditched me or just ignored me. You saved my life last night! THANKS :)